The Town Hall meeting held on July 16th, 2015 was very well attended by tenants and their family members.  Staff counted over 100 people in the audience.  Thank you for making the time to attend and to voice your concerns.


I was listening and you were heard.  I also want to add that everyone who has scheduled and attended a one-on-one interview has been heard too. Please know that we are following up on the concerns and questions raised at the meeting with both the Region and with Minto.  Meetings have begun and all parties have agreed to work together to pursue a revised plan that might see the Regional building constructed first. This should begin to ease the initial tenant timing concerns.


We have completed first interviews with 33% of the tenant population. Thank you to those who have also taken tours to Bethany Lodge and Parkview.


We told you that we would send out updates and a post-Town Hall meeting question and answer document, but as was evidenced at our meeting, we want to ensure good communication with all of our tenants.  Therefore, there is a short delay in the distribution of our next tenant information package, while we have it translated for our tenants of Chinese heritage.

许多租户及其家人都出席了 2015 年 7 月 16 日在市政厅召开的会议。我们计算与会的人数在 100 人以上。感谢大家抽出宝贵的时间参会并且发表意见。




我们已经与33%的租户进行了第一轮的面对面交流。在此也对参观过Bethany Lodge和Parkview的租户表示感谢。