【加拿大都市网】万锦市Heritage Village老人院业主,把物业出售予发展商拆卸重建,超过100名老年住户将面临迫迁的命运,大部分仍未得妥善安置。

据680 News报道,于人村安老院(Unionville Home Society)已经把Heritage Village房产卖给开发公司Minto Development,出售金额未有公开。交易条件之一是拆卸现有的老人院,以兴建一幢全新住宅建筑,但工程期间,现在的租户将无家可归。110名年长居民将有18个月时间搬迁,到目前为止,于人村安老院目前仅为其中9名居民找到新住处。

该安老院行政总裁库珀(Deborah Cooper)说:“本地区和安省内的所有住宅供应商,都拥有长者可负担住房的轮候名单,我们将会与供应商合作,好让我们的居民获得优先。”

居民西尔维亚(Sylvia)表示,她可以搬去和女儿一起住,但这就意味丧失在Heritage Village建立的所有人际关系,当中很多是好朋友。另一个居民达马托(Gillian D’Amato)表明,假如没有替她安排新住处,她将会拒绝离开。


[Canadian Dushi Network]The sale of Heritage Village in Markham by its owners to developers for it to be demolished and reconstructed has put more than 100 elderly residents in danger of forced eviction, and most of them have not been properly housed.

According to 680 News, Unionville Home Society has already sold the property Heritage Village to the developer Minto Development, for an undisclosed amount. One of the conditions of the transaction is that the existing senior residence be demolished in order for a completely new residence to be built in its place. However, during the construction period, the current residents shall be without a home. 110 elderly residents shall have 18 months to move out, but so far, Unionville Home Society has only found a new home for 9 residents.

The director of Unionville Home Society, Deborah Cooper, said: “All housing suppliers in the region and Ontario have a waiting lists for affordable housing for the elderly, we will work with the suppliers to ensure that our residents get priority treatment. ”

Resident Sylvia said that she could move out to live with her daughter, but this means that she will lose all connections established throughout the years in Heritage Village, and many are her good friends. Another resident, Gillian D’Amato, said that until arrangements are made for her, she will definitely refuse to leave.

As for the timing of demolishment and construction, Unionville Home Society will let municipality of York region to make the decision. Residents and their family members will be lobbying the District Government, hoping that the new building will be constructed before the demolition of the old building. Our daily news report